Developing a Webflow site and a custom Guided Demo for Stemma

Webflow development,
Style system,
CMS structure,
Custom animations,

Design and branding
Zypsy / Stemma
Stemma is a fully managed data catalog, powered by the leading open-source data catalog, Amundsen.

I worked inside the Zyspy team on the Webflow development side for this project. Thanks to the amazing website design made by the UI Designer I was able to develop the project using pixel perfect inside Webflow.

The big challenge it was develop the custom guided demo with a good user experience using webflow animations.

Organized and ready to grow.

Projects change, new ideas come up and businesses evolve. With that in mind I set up a Style System with everything we need to easily make updates, develop new pages and keep the project organized.
The Style System includes text styles, fonts, colors, buttons, classes, spacing, structures and components. Everything linked and set up to be useful on the maintenance of the website.

Guided demo.

The user deserves to have the best experience when using a product. In order to show the user the product interface we developed inside Webflow a guided demo.

By pressing the next and previous buttons, or clicking on
the highlighted areas the user can navigate through the demo and see how the product works.
The development of this demo required a lot of webflow interactions, animations, hover states and advanced items' organization. And the result, well you can see it here.
View live demo

For everyone.

Every development decision it was made taking into account how this would impact the mobile users, since they represent more than 69% of total users.

The website it was created to cover 4 basis of screens: desktop, tablet, mobile landscape and mobile portrait. By using the right unities during the development process we achieved one more important goal: be accessible for everyone.

Smart blog structure.

Using the power of Webflow CMS I created a blog structure that allows the client easily update, create or delete  blog posts.
To make the client experience even better, the Webflow Editor allows the client to write and edit content, right on the page and publish with a click.
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